Designed for electric wheelbarrow/micro-tillator;
Low speed gear motor with a max torque of 120Nm and 48V 250W rated power output.
With reverse and cruise control functions.

Additional information


This hub motor kit features a high-torque, low-speed gear drive hub motor accompanied by a thumb throttle with a battery power indicator and a switch for cruise control and reverse functions.
Rated at 250W with a 1:27 reduction ratio, it delivers robust torque even under heavy loads. The motor is adaptable for use with either 14.5″ wheelbarrow tires or 13″ agricultural tires, catering to various applications.
Users can regulate motor speed using the thumb throttle and switch between forward and reverse modes. Additionally, a cruise control button allows the motor to maintain a consistent speed when engaged.

Description: Electric motor kits for Micro-tillator and wheelbarrow
Model: SK612T
Motor: 36V/48V 250W Gear Motor
Tyre size: 13″ or 14.5″
Motor RPM: 100RPM
Max torque: 120N.m
Throttle: Thumb Throttle with Battery power indicator
Switch: Reverse & Cruise control
Connection: Regular Connector or Waterproof Connector
Brake Type: Disc Brake