Designed for e-Fat bikes.
With a max torque of 90Nm and 1000W rated power output.

Additional information


MTF03Q Front Drive Gear Motor is specifically designed for fat tire e-bikes. With its lightweight and compact size, this motor offers easy installation and seamless integration into a spoked wheel. It’s the perfect choice for enhancing the performance of your e-bike.

Experience the power and efficiency of our motor, with motor power options ranging from 350W to 1000W, allowing you to customize your riding experience. With a maximum torque of 90N.m, it delivers impressive strength to tackle challenging terrains with ease.

The motor is compactable with disc brakes, ensuring reliable and responsive braking performance. The drop-out size of 135mm fits most fat tire electric bike on the market.

With a reduction ratio of 1:5, our gear motor optimizes power transfer, delivering a smooth and efficient ride. Feel the thrill as you effortlessly cruise through various terrains, propelled by the strength and efficiency of our front drive motor.


Core Data
Position: Front Motor
Wheel Diameter (Inch): 16″-28″
Construction: Gear Drive
Rated Voltage (DCV): 36/48V
Rated Power (W): 350W-1000W
Reduction Ratio: 1:5
Rated Efficiency: ≥82%
Max Torque (Nm.): 90Nm.
Surface Color: Silver/Black
Weight(Kg): 4.2-4.5Kg
Noise Grade (dB): ≤55dB
Operating Temperature (℃): -20-45
Hall Sensor: Optional
Integrate speed sensor: Optional

Mounting Parameters
Brake Type: Disc Brake/V brake
Installation Widths (mm / OLD): 135mm
Cabling Route: Shaft Center Right/Lateral
Spoke Hole: 36H
Spoke Specification: 12g/13g

Tests & Certifications
Salt fog test(h): 24/96
Waterproof Grade: IP54
Certifications: CE