Sharing Electric Scooter FAQ

The controller, battery of the electric scooter are also IP67?

The waterproof grade of the battery is IP67, while the waterproofing grade of controller is not IP67 yet. However, Sharpbike could upgrade the waterproof level based on Customers’ requests. For the current electric scooter there would be no problem to put on the street to undergo rainstorm baptism, but please note it could not be soaked in water.

Why do you use a Bluetooth Module?

Bluetooth module is a backup data transmission scheme. Sharing electric scooters could be ridden by users to any corner of the city. The customer can add this feature to the APP, and let the user’s App connect to the electric scooter via Bluetooth when the communication module’s signal is bad. In this way, the data can be temporarily collected in the APP. When the signal of the communication module is good, the data can be transmitted to the server. Of course, the user’s cell phone signal may in some cases be better than the communication module’s signal, can also transmit data.

Could it be foldable only for shipping purposes but not foldable once we assemble?

Yes, this could be done. A mechanism would be installed to make sure the electric scooter could not be folded by normal users. Only the customer’s staff can fold the scooter when they needs to replace the battery.

Do you have anti-theft function?

Sharpbike can provide the customer with anti-theft alarm. When the electric scooter is moved or vibrated in the off state, the electronic lock will generate resistance to the motor, the lock will lock the motor, and the electric scooter will sound an alarm and upload the current position data to the server background.

Is the GSM module 4Gor 3G? Do you have oceania and americas option available?

The GSM module is 4G. Sharpbike’s communication modules can be used in most countries in the world. Different countries need to customize different communication modules.

What data can we get from app?

Sharpbike can provide single riding time, total riding time, single riding distance, total riding distance, current speed, real-time positioning, fault code, speed limit, controller temperature, remaining ride mileage, battery capacity etc.


Sharpbike use MQTT protocol, so the customer should build a MQTT server. We can offer the connection guarantee.

How does it work when we you need to update the firmware?

Sharpbike’s IoT device support OTA capabilities. When The customer needs to update the firmware, we can provide the protocol to update the firmware. The customer can update the firmware remotely.