Designed for 26 Inch e-Fat bikes.
With a max torque of 98Nm and 1500W rated power output.

Additional information


MTF01V Rear-Drive Gear Motor is specifically designed for 26 inch fat tire bikes. This motor combines power and performance to enhance your fat tire bike experience. Featuring a lightweight and stylish 26-inch magnesium alloy cast wheel, it not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures durability on various terrains.

Choose the motor power that suits your needs, ranging from 500W to 1500W. With a maximum torque of 98N.m, this motor delivers strong and efficient performance, allowing you to conquer challenging terrains with ease.

The MTF01V motor is compatible with both disc brakes and freewheels. Experience reliable braking and enjoy the convenience of different riding styles. The rear drop-out options of 175mm or 190mm provide flexibility for easy installation on a variety of fat tire bike frames.

With a reduction ratio of 1:5, this gear motor optimizes power transfer for an exhilarating ride. Upgrade your fat tire bike today and enjoy the strength and efficiency of this hub motor. Explore new trails and embrace the freedom of riding with confidence.


Core Data
Position: Rear Motor Wheel and Front Normal Wheel
Wheel Diameter (Inch): 26″ Magnesium Alloy Wheel
Construction: Gear Drive
Rated Voltage (DCV): 48V/52V/60V/72V
Rated Power (W): 350w-1500W
Reduction Ratio: 1:5
Rated Efficiency: ≥82%
Max Torque (Nm.): 98Nm.
Surface Color: White/Black/Customerized
Weight(Kg): 6Kg
Noise Grade (dB): ≤55dB
Operating Temperature (℃): -20-45
With Hall Sensor: Yes
With Integrate speed sensor: Yes

Mounting Parameters
Brake Type: Disc Brake/V brake
Installation Widths (mm / OLD): 135mm (Front) ; 175/190mm (Rear)
Cabling Route: Shaft Center, Right/Shaft Side, Left
Freewheel: 6-9S

Tests & Certifications
Salt fog test(h): 24/96
Waterproof Grade: IP54
Certifications: CE